The Vigil

Session 2 - Into the Darkness

In which our heroes meet a potential ally, make a new enemy, and receive a pair of strange gifts

GM's note: Mike's character still doesn't have a name.
I'll update this with the appropriate info when he sends me the name he wants to use.

Mike’s character heard a knock at the door of his apartment while sitting at home by himself one evening. Initially cautious, he eventually opened the door to find a small wrapped package sitting on his doorstep. Seeing no one in the hallway, he brought the package inside and opened it to find a note from Father Barnes, his mentor during his time in the Church, along with a palm-sized black stone flecked with red, with a strage symbol inlaid on it in silver. The note asked him to keep the stone safe for Father Barnes and to contact him in a few days, “once things have died down”.

The next day while taking the Red Line to the market, he found himself standing near the end of the platform, mostly alone, when he heard a strange whispering and was suddenly shrouded in darkness.

Back at the subway entrance, Vaughn got a call from Adrian on his cell asking him to come and help him with something urgent. Vaughn left Gabriel and Nick to finish tracking down Sam, and headed off to help Adrian.

Gabriel and Nick spent a moment examining the graffiti covering the station entrance. They identified several gang tags and decided to be extra cautious. The bars covering the station entrance had been cut away on one side to leave a narrow entrance. Once inside, they began to hear crying and screaming from somewhere below. Heading down to the station platform, they found several groups of homeless people milling around, some wailing, crying and screaming.

As they entered the platform, they were immediately approached by a large man in a long hooded coat, who seemed unperturbed by Gabriel’s rifle pointed at his face. At his side was a young girl with hollow eyes, who seemed equally unconcerned. Gabriel noticed that the man was carrying several large pistols under his coat, as well as a large sharpened stake. After a short but tense standoff it became clear that the man thought they were backup for “the group that came through here just now”. After finding out that they weren’t, and after Nick assured him that they weren’t a threat to the homeless people gathered there, things calmed down. The man introduced himself as Darnell, and the girl with him as Jinx, before asking if they were carring the candle. Gabriel looked confused, but Nick recognized the phrase as Hunter slang for those people who are “on the Vigil” – aware of the supernatural and devoted to protecting the innocent from it. Nick responded that they were, and Darnell calmed down noticably and told them that three ghouls had come through in the last few minutes, killing a few people and dragging one girl off down the tunnels to the southwest.

Gabriel and Nick headed off into the tunnel after concluding their conversation with Darnell. Once out of sight of the station platform it was pitch black in the tunnel, so Gabriel slotted a flashlight to his rifle. Snapping the light on revealed a boy of 8 or 10 standing about 20 feet in front of them. The boy said that they were expected, and that “his lady” wanted to meet with them. After determining that the child was not connected with the ghouls, they explained that they had urgent business father up the tunnel. The child seemed to know about the ghouls, and was happy enough for the PCs to deal with them, saying that it would save his lady the trouble of doing it herself. They agreed that they would meet this lady once they had finished with the ghouls, and the child seemed satisfied, stepping into an access corridor to the side of the tunnel.

Moving further down the tunnel, Gabriel spotted a flare of yellow light from a small maintenance platform to the left. They couldn’t see the source of the light, but they could see three figures standing in the tunnel by the platform, one of which was dragging a limp figure. The three noticed Nick and Gabriel at about the same time, and the one dragging the girl, apparently their leader, sent the other two to deal with them while he hauled the girl up to use as a human shield. The two sent to attack the PCs moved with incredible speed, but Gabriel’s expert marksmanship held them back. In the ensuing fight, Gabriel dropped two of the ghouls while Nick provided covering fire. Despite a few close calls, Gabriel and Nick managed to come through without getting shot, although the leader of the ghouls used his human shield to good effect and managed to escape, throwing the girl into the gravel before running off down the tunnel, saying that “Annabelle will have to learn to live with disappointment”.

Gabriel helped the girl to her feet while Nick hopped up to the maintenance platform, finding Sam lying in a pool of his own blood with two bullet wounds in the gut. Next to him was the still-burning remains of Auf Hexen. Though weak, Sam tersely explained that he’d destroyed the book to keep it away from the ghouls, and then passed out.

A few minutes later, Nick and Gabriel arrived back at the Back Bay station platform with the girl, Gabriel dragging Sam behind him on a makeshift litter made from his coat. Seeing them, Darnell moved to help while the girl they’d rescued was surrounded by concerned friends. They brought Sam up to the street, where Nick revealed that he knew someone that could help Sam and keep it quiet. They loaded Sam into Nick’s car and headed to the Docks, where the Vettreli “Family Doctor”, Vic Santo, had a basic operating room set up in the office of a warehouse. Vic said that he could take care of Sam, but that it would be several hours before he was recovered enough to talk to them. Gabriel went to a nearby cleaner that Vic recommended to get the blood out of his coat while Nick watched over Sam.

That evening Sam finally woke up, and although he was clearly in pain he was able to give Nick some important information. He said that he’d stolen the book at the request of his friend Albert Johnson, who said that it was in danger – that someone had found out where it was, and wanted the information inside. He had Sam take the book in order to keep that knowledge safe. Sam told Nick to email Albert and set up a meeting on the Common if they wanted more information, and then he passed out again.

Returning to Back Bay station to keep their appointment, Gabriel took a moment to hand Darnell the guns he’d taken from the ghouls, and to ask him where he’d gotten his guns. Darnell wouldn’t tell him who his contact was, but did agree to try and trade the guns Gabriel had for a Desert Eagle, which he said would probably take a few days.

Heading back down the tunnel they met the boy that had accosted them the first time, and agreed to go with him to meet his lady, at which point the darkness closed in around them despite Gabriel’s flashlight. Some time later they found themselves standing in the middle of a large group of odd-looking people in a dead-end tunnel. In front of them was a stack of shipping pallets with a folding chair set on top of them, and sitting in the chair was a girl somewhere in her late teens or early twenties, dressed in a mismatched collection of fishnets, leather, silk, and a denim jacket, with stunning electric blue hair combed precisely to the left side of her head.

The girl introduced herself as Nyx, and asked what they were doing in her tunnels. Nick explained about the ghouls, and she thanked them for taking care of that for her. She then said that she had a gift for Nick, and handed him a palm-sized black stone flecked with red with a strage symbol inlaid on it in silver. He asked her where it had come from, to which she replied “I took it from a Churchman who was in my tunnels – which reminds me, I had another gift for you as well!” She gestured, and they turned to find Mike’s character standing beside them, looking very confused. She explained that this was “the Churchman”, and looked at them expectantly. Nick carefully thanked her for her generous gifts, to which she declared that she was bored and that they should leave.

After turning the corner from Nyx’s “throne room”, they found themselves near Back Bay station again. They headed back to the surface, where Gabriel interrogated Mike’s character about who he was and what he was doing there. Finally discovering that he was actually on the run from the Church, Gabriel seemed to like him a lot more. They decided that they’d all head back to Crowe House and meet with Adrian, to hopefully get more insight into what was going on.



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