Carrying the Candle in Boston

Humanity lives in the dark – most people think we’ve got it all figured out, that science explains everything, and monsters under the bed are a child’s fantasy. Progress is inevitable, and every generation will live better lives than the last. Hunters know better. The monsters are real, and they’re hungry. Magic exists, and it has the potential to wreak horrors on the innocent.

Boston has become a haven for the darkness – things are gathering here that could tip the balance away from the light and send us all sliding downwards into the dark. Someone needs to carry a candle and light the way, or we’re all lost.

The City

Boston has been in a downward slide for decades. Economic decay, moral corruption both political and social – the entire city was on the brink of collapse until the Church stepped in. Cardinal Francona took responsibility for bringing the city back from the edge, and now the Church basically runs the place. On the surface, it’s business as usual – separation of Church and State, and all that. Behind the scenes though, the politicians have to get approval from Church officials in order to get enough support to get anything done.

The Threat

An ancient and powerful vampire is beginning to awaken somewhere in the city. If it wakes up and comes back into its old power, things are going to get bad, fast.

The Vigil

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